/ Jungle Visions part 1 incl. Doubtingthomas, Robbie Akbal, Azteca & Bolivar + more


New V/A EP compiled by Robbie Akbal focusing on a more organic direction inspired with a Jungle Vision where Robbie was born (Mayan Riviera). Features tracks by Doubtingthomas, Azteca & Bolivar, Robbie Akbal and Zeque, Natale Quale, Modd and Fake Shamans. We have tracks for all moments in this compilation.


Feedback so far

Jon Charnis: quality release. can see myself trying out every single track here! very nice guys!

Audiofly: akbal does it again!!!

Tara Brooks: amazing Release! very unique sounds and nice to hear some very off the wall directions.

Dance Spirit: Fake Shamans! Great name hahaha. Good release, can use them all.

Hot Since 82: love this x

Nick Warren: Big fan of Modd, very cool

Edu Imbernon: Elysian Fields for me here, Thanks!

Tim Green: great release! liking pledge, Elysian Fields and Magic Frog a lot!

NYMA : Robbie Akbals version is my favorite

Pawas: Great VA... liking Pledge a lot !!

Re.You : cool v/a

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