/ Audiofly, Ray Okpara, Gabriel Sordo, Nukem - 10 years of Akbal Music part 3


Audiofly has always been connected with the Akbal Music family, we are super happy to have them on board in this wonderful EP. Their track is a very elelgant deeper minimal house oriented record, catchy nice synth chords and great groove direction. Can´t go wrong with this duo!! always quality on their music.

AMA Recordings boss Ray Okpara cooks up a brilliantly off kilter house groove with weird sounds, lurching bass and smooth hits that groove along with a curious sense of charm.

Gabriel Sordo from Guadalajara delivers a groovie dark number with some catchy vocals and nice drum beats to complete a driven record.

Lastly we have Nukem from Italy, he is not a stranger to us, we book him to play 13 years ago to our first partys when he was making music with Chab , now he change his game with a more minimal approach to deliver a fresher direction.

Hope you like this groovie part of our 10 years compilation.


Feedback so far

Marco Resmann (Watergate): Congrats to the 10th anniversary! The Audiofly tune is my favorite here. 
Sasha: Audiofly is neat! Thanks!
Gab Rhome: Super punchy EP. Thanks!
Jimmy Van M: All As One is great!! Congrats on 10 years!!!
Kiki: Audiofly and Gabriel Sordo are off the hook here
Behrouz: solid EP. thanks
Patlac: Audiofly for me!
XLR8R (Sam): nice one, Akbal crew on fire lately!
AME: thanks
Dance Spirit: Really nice grooves. Audiofly has a sic groove we can get down with. Sordo's track sounds like it would "tear up da club" and the nukem is a great groove and DJ tool :) nice release and full support

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