/ Greg Pidcock- Sunlight EP incl. Inxec remix


Greg Pidcock- Sunlight EP feat. Silky incl. Inxec Remix

For the newest input of Akbal Music we have a very special treat for you, Greg Pidcock (Hot Creations) presents a straight out bomb record for his first appereance on the label EP is extra sweetened by a collab with Silky that is also remixed by Inxec.

Sunlight the track from which this EP takes his name has tribal drum patterns that bring in a rolling groove to the song and hten layered on top by beautiful bell and synth melodies. Inxec (Culprit-Get Physical) does a very dark interpretation of sunlight keeping just a few elements of the original he delivers the vibe his sound is known for.

Buckle hits you up with a pumped up drum arrangement spacey atmospheres and hypnotizing synthesizers that take you through the track always keeping a deep and moving vibe. And last but not least Wet Dreams feat Silky has an amazing piano melody with a driving groovy bassline that keeps you going till the end.

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