/ Miguel Puente-Pegasi ncl. Kiki remix


To follow up on our first vinyl release we bring you this massive EP by non other than a key piece for the label in the last couple years "Miguel Puente" This pack has two originals by Miguel and a collaboration with mexican Gil Montiel and to keep it classy we have Kiki (Crosstown Rebels, Bpitch Control) delivering a massive remix of their cut.

In Spectral is a straight forward Dancefloor tune, driving screeching baseline accompanied by elegant bassy synth melodies and an killer drum patterns perfect for peak time.

Kiki´s remix maintains the driving bass of the original but going a notch more melodic with the synth stabs and a massive breakdown that leads to a serious infected groove.

The two solo cuts "Deviance" and " Pegasi" show a different musical side from Puente´s usual productions taking the groove into deeper atmospheres, hypnotic pads and tight percussions keep things rolling.

Feedback so far

Danny Tenaglia
'Thanks! Kiki'


Pig & Dan (Cocoon)
'in spectral is a cool track'


Miguel Campbell (Hot Creations, Outcross, MAM)
'Sick! x'


Halo Varga
'Kiki mix is nice'


Kate Simko (Spectral Sound)
'Deviance is the one for me here, thanks!'


Droog (LA / Culprit)
'toight like a tiger'


'kiki mix is nice'


Walker & Royce (Crosstown Rebels / Nervous)
'Nice one guys!!! really digging the Kiki remix and Deviance. Big up Miguel!'


Raxon (Culprit, Noir Music, audio tonic)
'excellent EP from my bro Miguel, Akbal Music has done it again'


Noah Pred (Thoughtless Music)
'Will try the original of In Spectral, thanks.'


Terence . ((:terry:) Freak N Chic)
'Cool stuff '


Carlo Lio (Rawthentic Music)
'kiki mix is coo'


Nils Lausund (Nils Noa / Lot49)
'really good'


Silky (My Favorite Robot / Nervous )
'In Spectral is dope! Nice EP!'


Jonny Cade (2020 Vision / Leftroom)
'nice tunes thanks'


Marc Roberts (Snowbombing/Various)
'in spectral for me. straight in my next set. corker'


Tony Rodriguez (Brothers' Vibe)
'All good!'


Richie Hawtin (M_Nus)
'downloaded for r hawtin'


Rik Parkinson (Pioneer)
'All belters! Will support! '

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