/ Afrilounge,Nick Curly, Robbie Akbal & Muan-Ethnic Moods EP


We are very happy to start with good mood this new year releasing today and amazing EP with tracks by Nick Curly , Afrilounge and Robbie & Muan..
This project consists on an excursion deep inside into jungle recording sounds, voices and landscapes to the whole maya environment and then delivered to the studio to build some unique vibe and sound into the music...

Feedback so far


Lee Curtiss / Spectral Sound
Tribe in Tulum was my favorite on this one! Good stuff thanks


Gorge (Reclick - 8-Bit)

like the afrilounge mix

Shur-I-Kan / Freerange
cool package, the nick curly track is particular nice, cute little chants!

Nic Fanciulli / Saved Rec

JimRivers /Simple / Misfit records
liked the robbie & muan track the best here

Polder / Intacto
Smooth stuff. will play for sure!

Silicone Soul / Darkroom Dubs
love the afrilounge track - will play 2nite

AlexNiggemann / 8-bit/ Supernature/ 2020 Vision
Full support for all tracks!

Smokin Jo / Area Remote
Mayas is excellent, love it! Afrilounge is also very hot, nice vibe.All good tracks 10/10

Brothers' Vibe
Cool rhythms and sounds - ALL good! Full support..

Matthias Meyer / Liebe*Detail
afrilounges maya xpression ist great. also nick does a good job. thx

i love tribe in tulum ,nice deep and warm its the one im feeling for my sets.

Gruber & Nurnberg (8-Bit)
What a compilation! Nick Curly in a warm deep jacket-, Afrilounge with big emotions and a nice deep tribe in tulum! I like all the tracks, I can't say which is the best one, I'll play all of them! Full Support!

Luna City Express / Moon Harbour
"tribe in tulum" is my favourite here.

Like watching Apocalypto sat next to someone with a Villalobos mix on their iPod

Kevin Griffiths Tsuba / Issst!
all three tracks are solid! will play for sure.

Kabuto & Koji (Supernature / Kindisch)
amazing EP !!once again Mr.RobbiE making an amazing EP!! All tracks are top!!playing them once and again!! thank you thank you!!!

Alex Jones/ Hypercolour / Turbo / Viva
wicked ep ;-)

Dj Wild /Catwash / Adult Only
maya xpression - will play

Federico Locchi Caramella/Supernature
nice package... nick curly is my favourite...thankssss!!


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