/ 7 Years of Akbal Music part 2 incl. Bog, Lorenzo Dada, Lakosta, Pinto & Andy Martin and Max Belobrov


Akbal Music turns 7 years and we celebrate this episode with a release divided in 2 parts.
This second part is formed by well known artists from Akbal Music like BOg and Max Belobrov and we welcome to the group Lorenzo Dada , Pinto & Andy Martin, and Lakosta. Hope you like the package!! Enjoy..


?release date: February 17th 2014

http://www.akbalmusic.com ?


Feedback so far

Halo (H Foundation, Surface)
Full support

My Favorite Robot (No.19)
Really nice stuff, congrats!

Chris Fortier (Fade / field trip / sound bar)
great ep.  lost on mars

Great Lorenzo Dada track... will play !!!

Tboy (Outcross - Akbal Music- Hot Waves - Suruba)
great! full support!

Aidan Lavelle (Akbal Music)
Memory lane :)

MightyKat (Pronto Musique/Release The Pressure)
Really cool release. Love all the tracks! -Full support

Thunderpony (Treehouse Miami)
Woah what a release!!! Lakosta's Anyway is sooo good!!!

Igor Marijuan (Ibiza sonica)
great stuff carnal

Release available at