/ 7 Years of Akbal Music part 1 incl. Ricky Ryan & Kosmas, Lula Circus, Michael Jansons and Füchse


Akbal Music turns 7 years and we celebrate this episode with a release divided in 2 parts.
catalogue:akbal_084 ?release date: February 10th 2014

Feedback so far

Lee Curtiss -Visionquest
Nice EP. solid work

Damian Lazarus -Crosstown Rebels
Have downloaded for Damian and will report back. Thanks!

Dance Spirit -Supernature, Maison D'etre, Superfreq
YEah Akbal riding high on grooves all over this release.
Love them all dude. Gonna use them for sure. Good luck and much love.

Betoko- OFF Recordings
Love it thanx!!! Support!!!

Shall Ocin-Culprit/Leftroom
"Ricky Ryan, Kosmas-Lost Angeles" is really good! ..def

Jonny Cruz -Touch Of Class Records
Great EP!! will be playing these!

S.K.A.M.- Gruuv, OFF Recordings, Akbal Music
Amazing pack!
Ricky Ryan, Kosmas is my fav here!

Clayton Steele -No.19
Really nice, thanks!

Max Belobrov- Akbal Music, Flumo Recordings
Good release! Thanks!

Ashley Wild -Nervous, Mexa, Hot Waves, You Are We
Happy birthday Akbal! A worthy release. Full support x

Chris Fortier- fade / field trip / sound bar
Smooth.  all good stuff.  michael jansons and fuchse standing out

Javier Carballo -Overall music
Quality as always! thanks!

Dirty Channels- Ovum, Culprit, Hot Wavers
Lula Circus track is dope!!!

Samuel Dan- Akbal Music
Wicked compilation, digging all tracks here, thanks!

Thunderpony -Treehouse Miami
Very nice compilation.. Lost Angeles and Compass will be getting loads of play time from us. Thanks :)

Alberto Santizzo- Vicey Loops
Felicitaciones al Akbal crew por los siete anos ! Other Side is defo a bomb !!  Support para Damian & tato !

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