/ Paronator & BOg-Dive EP incl. Victor Stancov remix


Paronator & BOg have released recently on Akbal Music for this time they deliver goodies again. Remix is done by Victor Stancov (Soulfooled) and he brings some deep fresh elements to the table, Quality record in here.




Feedback so far

Raxon (audio tonic / 360 Dubai / Culprit )

Dive, Bomb!



Great EP. Loving Keep your Soul.


M.A.N.D.Y. - Get physical 

will download.thank you for good music!


The Midnight Perverts  -Neim 

Sweet EP, my fav is theMidnight something, remix I think haha :)


The Mekanism  (Exploited, Noir Music )

Downloading for The Mekanism. Thanks for the music


Paul Loraine (Akbal  Music/ Vitalik / Flumo 

Another belter of a release from Akbal 


Max Belobrov (Akbal Music, Flumo Recordings )

"Keep your Soul (Original Mix)" for me! Cool track! Thanks!


S.K.A.M. (Gruuv, Exploited, Akbal)

nice, will put in my bag


Ali Nasser

Victor Stancov's Remix is for me, it's deep and nice! thanks for sending.. 


Mike Bufton (Mr Mr) (audio tonic | Radio 1 UAE)

Seriously good EP guys, this is weaponry of the highest degree. Orig mix of Dive is the one for me, cannot wait to play out.



Love it! thanks



 nice EP.. groovy stuff !!!

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