/ Samuel Dan-Dirty People EP incl. Aidan Lavelle remix



Samuel Dan-Dirty People Ep Incl. Aidan Lavelle remix


Damian Lazarus talking about this record ¨Love it! played it at DC10 Monday in Ibiza -Circo Loco¨ 


The next record on Akbal Music is deliver by Samuel Dan (Area Remote-Dirtybird) with two dance-floor bombs,one lovely ambient cut and a superb remix by Aidan Lavelle (Crosstown Rebels- RebelLion).

Dirty people drive us with funky groove that changes into an hypnotic trip that matches perfectly with the whole structure of sounds

For the 2nd track, Aidan Lavelle is one of those producers that makes you go deeper and deeper in each of his productions. Non exepction on this fantastic remix. Deep & Dark.

Renegade, a perfect track for those who are looking for vocals with an easy listening background in drums & sounds.

Love boat is what many people call a masterpiece, and emotional beatless atmosphere, a great way to end his EP.

Feedback so far


Damian Lazarus

Aidan Lavelle remix is wicked, played it at DC10-Ibiza on Monday!



Nice ep thx


Brett Johnson

original version for me!!


James Teej

liking the Aidan Lavelle remix on this one



love boat sounds cool :) Dirty People is for me here


Layo & Bushwacka!

remix is great!


Droog / Culprit (LA)

Aidan Lavelle remix is an utter monster - killed when I played it this past weekend


Robert Owens

10 out of 10


Adana Twins 

Lot´s of grooves here! Will def. play! Thanks! 





Chris Fortier 

very good as usual


Maher Daniel

big remix from Aidan Lavelle. will test out



Nice Aiden Lavelle remix..Love Boat is cool too.



What a great EP! loving it.


No Artificial Colours

Renegade is sick! Nice


Javier Carballo

Fresh!! ;)


Dance Spirit 

Really feeling track 2, and track 4. Bomb grooves and sounds.


Jonny Cruz 

Aidan Lavelle remix for me


DZeta N' Basile

 Wicked stuff, Aidan Lavelle is the bomb for us!


Lula Circus 

dirty people is cool!


Alex Flitsch

Great release with a killer Aidan Lavelle rmx...

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