/ Audiofly, Robbie Akbal & Muan-Secreto incl. Cozzy D and DeadEcho remixes



An outstanding collaboration ... Audiofly meets Robbie Akbal & Muan "Secreto" a driving tune with a stripped down vocal sample following a deep and spacey ride. Remixes of Cozzy D and DeadEcho to spice things up !!!



Release Date: October 1st 2012
catalogue: akbal_066

Feedback so far


Robert Owens 

cozzy d remix, great


Layo & Bushwacka! (Olmeto)

love love love !!


Groove Armada  (Hypercolour)

cozzy D remix is super fat


Arnaud Le Texier (Safari Electronique)

Cozzy D Rmx is cool!


Gorge ( 8-Bit)

cool original and Cozzy remix.


Alex Niggemann (Poker Flat)

DeadEcho rmx for me!


Halo Varga (H foundation)

Very nice team up on this one full support


Tim Green (Get Physical)

been playing the original for a while now! really great track!!


My Favorite Robot (Bpitch Control)

dope stuff guys! the original is cool and the remixes do the business! dope deadecho remix...thats the one for us!


Jef K (Silver Network)

maginifique ! super release ... will play it all over!


Xpress 2 (Skint)

Orig my fav.


James Teej (Reekids)

deadecho for life


Bubba  (Hot Creations)

Ace love it big props!! orig and cozzy are cool....but i am a sucker for acid deadecho's remix is sick!!


WildKats  (Hot Creations/ Lower East)

Great package... Original for me


The Mekanism (Needwant)

Nice EP !! especially the cozzy D Remix !!


Miguel Puente (Hot Waves-Lower East)

great release, loving cozzy's mix, huge support !


Onno (Upon You/Get Physical)

very dope release! loving all remixes which doesnt happen a lot actuallly!


Alex Flitsch (Connaisseur)

trippy stuff...love it!


The Junkies (Sci-Tec)

Top stuff from everyone on this one!


Slok (Saw / Get Physical)

Secreto (Cozzy D Rmx) for me thanks! love it!


Gruber & Nurnberg (8-Bit)

Cozzy D's Remix is such a nice piece of music, also Deadecho's Remix.. wow what a Acid bomb, my fav! Awesome shit!


Doomwork (Exploited)

Great sound! 


Julien Sandre (Morris Audio)

Original & Cozzy D remix are really cool! will play them for sure


Waifs & Strays (Leftroom)

nice package...All mixes are great.


Nikko Gibler (Leftroom / Culprit)

Cozzy D rmx is wicked! My favorite! Original is good for the beach too!


Raymundo Rodriguez (Jaded / Wrong)

Great package, definite plays and support.


Moodtrap  (Tsuba)

Great work, loving the original and Cozzy D rmx! Will play and support


Chris Lattner (Fear of Flying)

cool ep...looking forward to play these tracks...

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