/ Wildkats & Tboy-Remixed EP incl.Balcazar & Sordo, Damian Uzabiaga & Dexter Kane rmxs


Trickski (Suol / Innervisions)

a'ight boys... nothing beats the original (one of the tracks of the year for me). but still: these mixes rock! Balcazar & Sordo mix is my fave here. Thanks so much!

Groove Armada (Hypercolour)

rocking groove. balcazar and sordo mix rufght on the money.


Miguel Migs (Defected, Silver Network, NRK)

nice release, diggin the balcazar&sordo remix, thanks...


Brett Johnson (Classic )

very nice, really like the slick rick track. thanks!


Alex Niggemann (Soulfooled/Supernature/Tsuba)

Balcazar & Sordo Remix 4 me


Bubba (Extended Play / Hot Creations)

all over this..can't wait to play out all remixes first class!!


Jef K (silver Network)

nice release i like all tracks !! muchas gracias ;)


Death on The Balcony  (Culprit)

Love Akbal! Big Love for these guys...damian, Wildkats and Tboy all on one EP!!! :) Dexter Kanes Mix is really cool too


Waifs & Strays

like the whole release. B&S remix does it for me the most.


Gwen Maze (One records)

Great EP again from Akbal!!!really nice remixes!!


Deadecho / Save You Records

Akbal strikes again! Can see these doing some damage over summer. Balcazar and Sordo remix does it for me the most. Thanks for sending yo x


Sishi Rösch  (No.19-Degital Delight)

great package. support for my homies at Akbal!


Dzeta N Basile (1Trax/Plastic City/Real tone)

Diggin Balcazar & Sordo rmx for our sets!


Da Sunlounge (Myna Music)

Wildkats are doing it for me of late. Nice production and vibe. Great remix package here too.









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