/ Wildkats & Tboy-Be an Example EP


Wildkats are a trio from the UK , they have released music in Hot Creations , Hot Waves , Lower East and more great labels. For this time they joined Tboy to deliver an old school influenced record with new direction into disco and driving grooves. Already big for Jozif, Russ Yallop, Laura Jones, Huxley, HOSH, Lee Brinx and many more! 

Feedback so far


Droog / Culprit (LA)

Slick Rick is my favorite of the batch here


Jozif (Wolf +Lamb, Culprit)

Nicely Will play


M A N I K (Ovum/Culprit)

Been playing the slick rick since last yr- really really good stuff. 


H.O.S.H / Diynamic / Kindisch

excellent stuff! greetings to playa!


Jef K (Silver Network)

this is really wicked stuff will defo play ! thx a lot ...


James What, Crosstown Rebels, Murmur

solid release! niice.


Halo Varga ( H Foundation)

Slick Rick is kool


Coyu (Diynamic)

Sick bass on Slick Rick and Be An Example


Alex Niggemann (Poker Flat)

Will try "groove me"


Waifs & Strays

wildkats doing it again...4 tracks of good!


Rob Mello / No Ears / Crosstown Rebels

Quite liking Slick Rick here


Trickski / Innervisions

Such good stuff! Will hammer Groove me!


Lee Brinx(Lower East)

Been smashing out Slick rick for a while now - nice all round ep.. 


Alex Arnout(One, Dogmatik)

Groove me works best for me, thanks.


Laura Jones ( Leftroom -Crosstown Rebels)

Nice to see Scott and Stu on it again. Be An Example's the fave. 


Bubba  (Hot Creations)

like a kfc bargain bucket!! so tasty don't know what to go for first! love it !!


Russ Yallop (Crosstown Rebels-No.19)

Checking out groove me


Sishi Rösch ( No.19 -Digital Delight)

sick EP by my boyz Wildkats & Tboy! full support!


Leon (VIVa)

slick rick for me thanks!


Moodtrap (Tsuba)

Slick Rick is our favorite mix

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