/ WMC Miami Sampler 2012 (Baffa, Special Case, Barem)



Akbal Music contributes to Miami WMC delivering this great package of superb music. The first track set the mood with a deep edge classy number by Baffa (Regular-Elevation) Next on the EP the second track is a groovy quirky tune by Gwen Maze(Supernature -One Records) remixed by Special Case ( Culprit -Souvenir) this trio of Russians make a psychedelic interpretation of the tune.. Already in the likes of Konrad Black!

Last track of the record we have house legend Jay Tripwire remixed by the argentinian star Barem (Minus) that pumps everything up to create a balanced amount of raw to shake all the dance floors around the world…




Feedback so far

Troy Pierce

Barem´s remix is cool.


Kiki .(B-Pitch)

feelin both SpecialCase´s and Barem´s efforts!


Sebo K (Mobilee)

great release ! support !


Droog (Culprit (LA)

I can feel it all the way down in my plums


Huxley (Ethyl & Huxley)

special case is the best. will give it a spin


Jozif (Culpit - wolf+lamb)

Good package - Dark vs Funk


Rodriguez Jr (Mobilee, Mothership)

nice package. will play for sure ! good luck dear friends.


The Timewriter (Plastic City)

Atonalle is great. Will play.Thanks


Simon Baker (Playhouse / 20:20 Vision)

Liking Baffa Battery Pack here! Will support tonight.


Jordan  Peak (One / Tsuba)

Loving Barem's remix. Will play


Gavin Herlihy (Culprit/ Buzzin Fly / Kindisch)

nice EP. first two tracks are jumping out at me most


Alland Byallo (Poker Flat)

Really fun tracks. I like them all.


The Junkies (Remote Area)

Diggin Barem's rmx


Mihai Popoviciu (Highgrade, Fear Of Flying)

nice tracks! will try out!


Nils Nürnberg (8-Bit / Dynamic )

Really into Batter Pack. Good job!


Dzeta N´Basile (1trax-Real Tone)

Barem Amado rmx is our fav mix of the pack!


Moodtrap (Tsuba)

Voodoo of the Sheep is def for us! Support from us

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