/ Delia Ros-Draw me a smile_ incl.Miguel Puente & Metrika remixes


Happy fresh year to all of you !! We kick off 2012 we a mellow release by Delia Ros ft.vocals by Mela Lopez. Juicy remixes come from Miguel Puente (Hot Waves, Lower East, No.19) and Metrika (Crosstown Rebels & My Favorite Robot) So far Miguel Puente´s remix has been podcast -played by Alexis Raphael and Miguel Campbell... Expect some quality stuff here all made by Mexican crew :))

Feedback so far



Joris Voorn

Disco!! Some nice remixes!



that miguel puente boy is on fire damn it! great!!! but also the metrika remix kicks ass. and original also. woohoo! :)


Miguel Campbell

already air-played  (podcasted)  !



Metrika Remix is killer - will play !



Miguel Puente is on fire!!! Romantic remix as i love by Miguel!!!!


Alexis Rapahel

Played by Alexis Rapahel  on his recent Fabric podcast


Niko Schwind

Metrika rmx is my fav! thanks


Paul Loraine

All about the Metrika remixl... good solid HOUSE MUSIC


Paulo Olarte

miguel puente buen remix...


Seth Troxler




thank you for good music!

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