/ Sebastian Roya & Carlos Sanchez-Peripherals EP





Sebastian Roya & Carlos Sanchez -Peripherals EP

01.Sebastian Roya & Carlos Sanchez -Hidden Phrases

02.Sebastian Roya & Carlos Sanchez -Unseen Staff

03.Carlos Sanchez-Opposite You

04.Sebastian Roya-Emision


For this episode Akbal Music launches a collaboration of 2 great producers. Coming from 2 different poles in dance music, Roya is well known for his fresh techno and almost industrial sound while Sanchez for his impact in house music today.


In "Hidden Phrases" and "Unseen Staff" you can clearly note a fusion in their sound creating a very simple but interesting combination formed of house grooves and sharp techy drums. "Oposite You" and "Emission" show the individual style of each artist. 

Feedback so far


Gregor Tresher

''Bomb release!! Killer groove on Hidden phrases! Will chart this.''


Pig & Dan

''Fat beats and tracks, cant wait to play them out''


Martin Eyerer

''Very interesting stuff here!''


Alex Celler

''Sebastian is one my favorite Spanish producers, great taste & grooves. bravo!''


Pascal Feos

''Nice Stuff..''


Martin Landsky

''Unseen Staff for me here….''


Alland Byallo

''Nice! I love Opposite You!''


Chris Lattner

''Hidden phrases is very cool! i like it!''


Miss Jools

''A really nice EP from Sabastian and Carlos ! thanks''


Brothers Vibe

''ALL good…Tks!''


Matt Star

Hidden Phrases is very cool - support on this !!!


Someone Else

''Hidden Phrases is nice.''


Mr. G

''Good productions…..''


Cosmic Cowboys

''Great music and great label, this is just another awesome akbal! will definitely be in our set!''


Oliver Klein

''Hidden Phrases ist echt cool. Full support!!!''


Florian Schirmacher

''UuuuH Sebastian Roya and Carlos Sanchez- Sebastian Roya Emission is my favorite here: cool drive!''


Luke Solomon

''Really simple but really great and great production''


Paul Loraine

''Hidden Phrases is a great track, will play and chart''


Guy J

''Opposite You for me, great release!''


F.E.X. – (Robotronic Paris)

''Hidden phrases and unsen staff are my 2 favorites tracks to play''



''Love the deepness of oposite you.''



''Really nice EP!!!!''


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