/ Death on the Balcony-Remixed EP inc. Mobius Strum,Zeque and Miguel Puente rmx's



Death on the Balcony 

Remixed EP



01.Aint No Love (Mobius Strum rmx)

02.The Difference (Zeque rmx)

03.Niteclub of the Future (Miguel Puente rmx)


Akbal Music has seen the growth of this duo, deep melodies, warm vocals, tight rhythms and a distinctive sound this is Death on the Balcony. In this pack we gather 3 excellent artist to be in charge of the remix duties.


Mobius Strum (Supernature,Kabuto & Koji)is the first one the pack, this duo from Costa Rica (Leo Falfan, Eles Lopez) lay down a tasty representation of "Aint no Love". Huge reverberated  percussions merge with a warm bass line to patiently build up into a hypnotic groove that will keep your feet in dance floor no matter what.


Zeque comes back to Akbal Music with a remix of "The Difference". His sound is marked all over the track even though he uses the main elements on the original. A sub bass line and a chord stab guide you for the first part of the track to a break down where the elements on the original track come to life with a deep dense atmospheric content, then coming back to the deep groove of the bass and chord.


Miguel Puente remixes "Niteclub of the Future" keeping the funk of the sample in the original Miguel adds a fretless bass to his remix to start the tune in the same funky mood. Halfway through the track the bass changes unexpectedly into a warm groove that drives the track with disco vocal snippets. A break down follows and back to the fretless bass for the end of the piece.

Feedback so far

Steve Bug [PokerFlat]

''Ain't No Love is nice''


Soul Clap [Crosstown Rebels]

''Miguel Puente mix does what it says on the tin. to be played in the nightclub of the future obviously. dotb for prime minister.''



DJ Sneak [Robsoul]

''Niteclub of the future is super sick!


Osunlade [Mojuba]

''Diggin the Zeque remix a lot!


Carlo Lio [Sci Tec]

''Mobius Strum mix is my fav!


Brothers Vibe [Cadenza]

''ALL good - Tks!''


Chris Fortier [Fade]

''I like the Mobius Strum mix a lot!''


SIS [Connaiseur]

''Mobius Strum Rmx is cool''


Jay Tripwire [Poker Flat]

''Always putting out such good dj grooves.great for blends and diverse enough to stand out with that Akbal  Music sound. Aint no love and Niteclub of the Future are the Joints!!''


Jesse Rose [Get Physical]

''Love the Zeque remix


Rene Breitbarth [Deep Data]

''Mobius Strum & Miguel Puente rmx's for me''


Gus Gus [Kompakt]

''Aint no love for President''


Shlomi Aber [Ovum/Be As One]

''Nice Mobius Strum Rmx''


Barem [Minus]

''Always great stuff from Akbal Music! thanks!''


Miss Jools [Mobilee]

''Love this Release..!,,,Full Support..thanks''


Mikael Stavöstrand [Kindisch]

''This is great .. gonna play "The Difference" . dope song ..''


Patrick Zigon [Trapez]

''Great remixes - like all of them!''


Deetron [Circus Company]

''The Difference is my favourite - all mixes are very nice though!''


Varoslav (Supplemental Facts)

''Miguel Puente's rmx for me ! nice one!''


Mark Henning [Trapez]

''Mobius Strum remix bumps and grooves really nicely :)


Mihai Popoviciu [Highgrade]

''Zeque's remix is nice and trippy!


Jim Rivers [Simple]

''Zeque remix here for me''


KiNK [Ovum]

''Loving the Miguel Puente remix!


Jens Bond [Pokerflat]

''Nice one's my fav is the Miguel Puent rmx….thanks''


Maik Loewen [Nivveous]

Nice release! Thanks :)


Tini [Desolat]

''Like the Mobius Strum rmx!''


Axel Bartsch

''Zeque rmx sneaks from behind and takes you on a nice ride''


Jona [Get Physical]

''Quality! i will play the Zeque remix''


Alland Byallo [LiebeDetail]

''Mobius Strum remix is quite good! Feelin' the vibe of the Puente mix as well. Will play!''


Kabuto & Koji [Cocoon/Get Physical]

''Akbal Music rocks!''


Guy J [Bedrock]

''Nice one, thnx good luck''


Catz N' Dogz [Mothership]

''Mobius remix is for me :)''


Severin Stickel -Kazantip [Kisndisch /Soul Fooled]

''Niteclub of the future is my favorite….yeah''


Paulo Olarte [Dynamic]

''Very nice vibes here, yessss!


JC Freaks

''Good set of remixes. They all got something. Nice package!''



really cool EP :)

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