/ Various Artists vol.2


Akbal Music is back with a 5 tracker ready to hit the dance floors at your local club. The compilation has 4 previously unsigned artists + Zeque a common fixture on the label.

A journey through deep vibes, percussion elements and soothing atmospheres is the best way to describe the musical content on the release. The first 3 tracks are laid back, deep and hypnotic in a way, whilst the last 2 tracks spice things with more energy for full dance floors.


02.Nzino&Frank-Danzig Vibes
03.Dsan Powell-De Trapo
04.Jordan Peak-Always
05.Donato Basile& Andrea Paccape-Sunshine for my Patata

Feedback so far

Gorge [8bit]
''Will play Ochentainueve, Thanks''

Anthea [Phonica , Cecille]
Donato Basile& Andrea Paccape for me!

Brothers Vibe [Cadenza]
''Sunshine for my Patata - nice one!

Varoslav [Supplemental Facts
Zeque and Dsan Powell are realy cool trax ..i ill try them out

Sierra Sam [Contextieur]
''Thanks a lot,very Good Release''

Alland Byallo [Liebe-Detail]
''Nice toolish house cuts. I like Danzig Vibes the most. Slick and groovy.''

Jay Tripwire [PokerFlat]
''Nzino & Frank "danzig vibes" is cool,simple dancefloor jam,.the Jordan Peak tun is cool,those are my 2 pics for what i want to play.''

Maik Loewen [Nivveous]
''The Zeque track is great! Thanks :)''

Miss Jools [Mobilee]
''Another nice release!, ochentainueve is the cut for me, thanks''

Tom Clark [HighGrade]
''Like it''

Djebali [Freak N Chic]
Always and De trapo work for me !! thanks

DJ: Terry [Freak N Chic]
nice stuff ..

Yakine [Tsuba]
Always from Jordan Peak its really nice ! support

Jay Bliss [Diynamic[
I like "De Trapo". Thank you!

Nyra [Viva Music]
Great Vibes :D

Minimono [Oslo Recs]
nice release
i like Nzino & Frank and Jordan peak tracks!!

Paulo Olarte [Diynamic]
great work here!
very nice tunes.

F.E.X. – [Robotronic Paris]
i'm into sunshine for my patata, will play

Radio - Docepulgadas (Spain)
great stuff!!!!

Release available at