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Veronika Fleyta — whose dj-alias is but her real surname and means ‘flute’ in Russian — started her DJ career just 4 years ago, and absolutely unexpectedly for herself — out of the lack of good music in places of her family’s kite-wintering in Asia. She made a real quick career in 4 years — from dj-ing at house parties, friends' weddings and kite-events — to residence on The Kazantip Republic Festival and at best nightclubs of Moscow, Kiev, St. Petersburg and Europe. In summer of 2011 dj Veronika Fleyta recieved her first "baptism of fire" on Kazantip by playing on the same stage with a veteran of the dance music Laurent Garnier, and from that moment her DJ career began to gain momentum. Now she regularly performs at nightclubs L8 and Crystal in Kiev, at Gypsy and PPL in Moscow, at Loook and Q-Club in St. Petersburg. Also she is a resident dj at a private club Fantomas in Moscow and Raspoutine club in Paris. She performed along with a British producer Jamie Jones and collaborated with Natalia Vodianova and her Naked Heart Fund. Veronica’s favorite styles are deep- and tech-house; right now she is working on her first release as a producer — 3 tracks will be released in winter 2015. Not bad for a girl who was not even going to be a dj 4 years ago, isn't it?

When asked how it happened, how her life changed so drastically, Veronica Fleyta replies,
"Perhaps, you just need to follow the music, even if nobody can hear it, but you... Music will lead you up to where you have to be."


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