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Aidan Lavelle is a composer and producer working in the music industry for over 10 years.
Aidan has had a prolific career in music most notably writing music with UNKLE working on three Albums in that time and has worked with the likes of Gorrilaz, Ian Brown, Queens Of The Stone Age, Massive Attack, Ian Astbury, Autolux, Black Mountain and The Big Pink. Whilst spending the past six years composing and producing for UNKLE, Aidan managed to carve out a specific direction into film and Advert composition, working on campaigns for brands like BMW, Chivas Whiskey and Jaegermeister.
Aidan has worked on many film projects composing for a variety of different needs. Notibly Aidan co-wrote a variation on the X-Files theme for the 2008 film ‘X-Files I Want To Believe’. Aidan has also scored with UNKLE the documentaries ‘Oddessy In Rome’ and ‘Lives Of The Artists’ and Aidan has most recently scored the new feature film by Paul Andrew Williams, ‘Cherry Tree Lane’ and is currently scoring other new film projects.
Aidan has also worked on various TV projects. In 2008 Aidan composed the theme for the Euro 2008 football competition for the BBC which won an award at the Royal Television Society Kraft & Design Awards 2008 for best titles..
Aidan has also had various compositions synced to tv including CSI, Top Gear, Hells Kitchen, Orchestra United and Skins to name but a few.
Aidan has also worked with companies like Vertu, working on the musical branding for the Ascent 2010 mobile phone.  

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