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Born in 1986, in Monterrey, Mexico, Miguel Puente took an interest at a very
young age in music. Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Run DMC, and Jay?Z are just of few of the many influences from a young age. It was no surprise that Miguel would have
such a big involvement in this industry later on.

Electronic music is the main focus for Miguel. He really wanted to take his
passion and skill for this to develop his career as a producer/Dj. In 2005, he
began to gig at various parties and clubs in Mexico. If you know anything about Miguel, you will know that over the years he has developed himself into a
confident producer. He is always driving himself to endless possibilities in
creating sounds that express his originality as an artist.

Production being such an astronomical part of the musician he is, Miguel wanted
to know everything about the direct design of sound. Over the past few years,
Miguel's over?powering ability to create sounds, has made him develop an
advanced way of looking, and forseeing where electronic music is heading. He is
currently living in Barcelona, Spain, attending SAE, and taking audio engineering.
Which has advanced his skills. His expectation of sounds have no boundaries,
allowing him to produce for labels including Affin, Dialtone, Para Disco, and Racoon.

Becoming a part of Digital Delight in 2008, opened up even more of a drive, and
expanded his imagination in building himself as Dj and Producer. You can only
expect Miguel to bring out the soul?full house, and disco?tech flow out of the
diverse ensemble of Digital Delight. Funky floods pour out colours of old?school flares, mixed with new technologies, giving him the reputation of an innovative artist, that brings out the groove in all of us.

Miguel has shared booths with artist like Zev (Wolf+Lamb), Shaun Reeves
(Wolf+Lamb), Le Loup (Wolf+Lamb), Yakine (Supplement Facts), Camea (Clink),
Adultnapper (Ransom Note), Stimming (Diynamic), HOSH (Diynamic), Solomun
(Diynamic), Joachim Spieth (Kompakt).

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