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Mobius Strum is a Costa Rican  couple of djs and music producers Leonardo Falfán(Tekes ) and Elena López (Eles).

Within the electronic music scene they are known for playing mostly deep and tech house sounds tinging their sessions with other innovative musical proposals. 

Leonardo is part of the duo Kabuto & Koji,  renowned artists in the electronic  scene world wide.  This year he has launched his own independent record label, Half Seas Over,  promoting and producing a considerable roaster of local and international artists. 

Eles was resident at the mythical underground BackDoor Club in San José where she explored, developed and exposed her musical taste.

Leonardo and Eles  decided to join talents and today their sessions are well known for transmitting that  special energy that unites them as a couple. 

In Costa Rica they are residents at the superfine Club Vertigo, one of Latin America’s best night clubs; and abroad they have played in events in New York City, Miami and Bogota. They have signed their musical creations with important record labels such as Akbal Music in Playa del Carmen.Mex, Caramella in Italy, InfraDig Records in Mexico D.F., Lower East Side in London, SK Supreme in Kosovo, Supernature in Barcelona and with their own Half Seas Over.

Their present venture is an album which involves the participation of renown Costa Rican artists; aimed to be performed live with a fusion of music, video, theater acts and dancing.

The project has had a lot of good reception and the future promises great success.

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